How to choose the automatic sensor door

Automatic sensor doors  

Automatic sensor doors are common in public buildings, hospitals, airports, and other high-traffic areas. They are designed to provide a convenient and safe way for people to enter and exit a building without the need to touch the door. However, choosing the right automatic sensor door for your needs can be daunting, especially if you need to know what to look for. This article will discuss the different types of automatic sensor doors, factors to consider when choosing a door, features of automatic sensor doors, and common mistakes to avoid.


Types of automatic sensor doors

    • Swing Doors

    It is the most common type of automatic sensor door. They are hinged on one side and swing open in one direction. They are suitable for internal and external use and are available in various sizes.


      • Sliding Doors

      Sliding doors are another popular type of automatic sensor door. They slide open and closed on tracks and are ideal for areas with limited space. They are available in single and bi-parting configurations.


        • Telescopic Doors

        It’s designed for areas with limited space where a sliding door may not be practical. They have two or more panels that slide together to create a larger opening.


          • Revolving Doors

          Revolving doors are common in high-traffic areas such as airports and shopping malls. They consist of three or four panels that rotate around a central axis to allow people to enter and exit simultaneously.


          Factors to consider 

          When choosing an automatic sensor door, there are several factors to consider:

            • Size of the Doorway

            The size of the doorway will determine the type of suitable automatic sensor door. A swing or telescopic door may be the best option if the doorway is narrow. A sliding or revolving door may be more appropriate for wider doorways.


              • Traffic Flow

              The amount of traffic passing through the door is an important consideration. Doors that are used frequently will require a more robust mechanism than doors that are used infrequently.


                • Location of the Door

                The location of the door will also determine the type of door that is suitable. For example, a door that is located in an area with high winds will require a more robust mechanism than a door located in a sheltered area. A door in an area with a lot of sunlight may require a sensor to detect changes in light levels to prevent false activations.


                  • Purpose of the Door

                  The purpose of the door will also determine the type of automatic sensor door that is suitable. For example, a hospital may require a door that is easy to clean and sanitize, while a retail store may require a visually appealing door.


                    • Security

                    Security is an essential consideration for all doors, including automatic sensor doors. Doors located in high-risk areas may require additional security features such as access control systems or alarms.


                      • Noise

                      Some automatic sensor doors can be noisy, especially when opening and closing. A quieter mechanism may be required if the door is in a quiet area like a library.


                        • Cost

                        Finally, the cost is important when choosing an automatic sensor door. The door’s cost will depend on size, type, and features. Choosing a door that is within your budget and meets your requirements is essential.



                        Choosing the best automatic sensor door for your needs requires careful consideration of location, purpose, security, noise level, and cost. It is also essential to consider the door’s features, such as opening speed, activation range, and safety features. Working with a professional installer and scheduling regular maintenance can help ensure the door works properly and safely.

                        By avoiding common mistakes such as choosing the wrong door type or underestimating traffic flow, you can ensure that your automatic sensor door is an effective and efficient solution for your needs.

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