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Shower Cubicles, also called Shower Enclosures, are an innovative addition to your bathrooms. The reinvention of your bathrooms with innovative shower systems is indeed a delightful experience. The more delighting will be the stress-free showers you will take day in and day out inside your shower cubicles.

At AYSH Glass & Glazing, we not only cater to the limited number of bathrooms in your home but also to your commercial establishments like hotels with multiple bathrooms.

Our expertise in handling glass systems and our legacy of manufacturing shower enclosures make us ideal. The shower enclosures are constructed with precision and quality that they are leak proof.

We offer shower cubicles that can be a perfect square or bend-type employing bend glasses. The glasses employed in the making of shower cubicles are toughened glasses that do not break on impact.

Aysh Glass & Glazing team is readily available to supply and install Shower Enclosure in Chennai and Trichy.
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Advantages of Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures provide privacy, water containment, easy cleaning, and design options. They also help to keep the bathroom floor dry and reduce the risk of water damage.

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Additional Features
  • The shower system can be integrated into the shower enclosures and they can make showering a wonderful experience.
  • The shower cubicles are leak-proof and hence there is no splashing of water on the floors and walls of the bathroom near other areas but for the shower enclosure.

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Why Choose AYSH?

High Quality Materials

We partner with global brands and manufacturers to provide the best possible solutions for façade furnishing, using top-quality materials in our projects. Our quality control team identifies and offers the best business proposals.

Technically Expertise

Our knowledge and skillfulness in execution continue to grow from strength to strength in all technical and material aspects. This is to bridge the gap between industrial expectations and our trademark client support.

On time completion

Handing over projects on time is our top priority, as we value our clients' investments and want to create value for them. Our professional approach and expert engineering team allow us to consistently meet our clients' deadlines.

Free Service Warranty

In addition to our standard warranty, we offer a free service warranty on materials and architectural hardware. This warranty is subject to our AMC terms and conditions, and it is designed to help you maintain your project in good condition and free of hazel for a longer period of time.

Anywhere in South India

We have a well-established network throughout South India, so we can serve and assist you anywhere, whether in urban or rural areas. We have access to every corner of the region, thanks to our strong relationships with channel partners and branch offices. We can execute projects across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.Karnataka, Andra & Telegana.

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We are known for our passion and dedication in everything we do. In addition, we collaborate with industry experts to provide the best possible interior and exterior solutions to our clients and channel partners. Moreover, Aysh Glass & Glazing is located in Chennai and Trichy and also provides service all over South India.

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